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The Department of Finance

The Department of Finance provide classes for students of the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Košice in the following study programmes: Finance, Banking and Investment (FBI) and Economics and Management of Public Administration (EaMVS).

The Department offers students profiling to financial managers and economists in the field of financial management, credit transactions and accounting. Activities of the Department focus on educating students in the field of financial markets, derivatives, stock exchanges and their interrelationships, too.

The aim of the Department is preparing graduates for a wide applicability in the fields of accounting and taxes, trade, banking, finance, stock exchange and business.

All the efforts of the Department members are devoted to fulfil this aim. Everyone wants to use their conscientious and responsible work to ensure that the graduates of the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Košice are professionally competent and well-founded economists, ready to succeed on the labour market.

Head of the department: assoc. prof. Anna Bánociová, PhD.



Address: Němcovej 32, 040 01 Košice, Slovenská republika

Telephone: +421 55 602 32 85

E-mail: anna.banociova@tuke.sk

Web page: kf.ekf.tuke.sk