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KAMaHI - Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics

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KAMaHI - Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics research activities are focused on the topic of the Information Society in the context of its impact on citizens, education and businesses, as well as the policy aspects and regulatory framework of electronic communication networks. Information sharing on web-based platforms and electronic financial services, e.g. implementation of e-banking and mobile payment systems are investigated as well. The Department is involved in several international and national research projects in the area of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Innovation. The Department stuff work also as partners in several international educational projects mainly in the area of e-Learning, distance learning, life-long education, transfer of innovation, entrepreneurial education and partnerships in adults learning. Involvement in the research and educational project results into enhancement of provided educational process.

Courses offered by the Department are directed mainly towards application of mathematical and statistical methods and application of information technologies to economic and financial applications, namely Mathematics, Graph Theory, Statistical Methods, Informatics, Economic Information Systems, and Electronic Services in Banking.

Head of the Department: doc. RNDr. Jozef Bucko, PhD.

E-mail: jozef.bucko@tuke.sk

Webpage: kamahi.ekf.tuke.sk