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Scientific events at the Faculty of Economics TUKE

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Scientific events at the Faculty of Economics TUKE

Scientific events and seminars

  • KEF - Košice Economic Forum

    The history of the event dates back to 2014, when a professional seminar began to be organized at the Faculty of Economics TUKE, which loosely followed the tradition of seminars organized for doctoral students. During the first year, several individuals from the departments of the Faculty of Economics TUKE presented their research at the seminar. The involvement of members of individual departments (and over time also experts from outside the faculty) followed the original idea of the seminar, in addition to presenting the results of their own scientific research activities, to provide stimulating feedback on the presented papers before such papers are sent to high quality journals and creating space for cooperation, for instance in the field of common publications. Until the end of 2015, many invited guests from academic and economic-political spheres also spoke at the research seminar.

    Since 2016, with the intention of better promotion of this activity resented by regular speeches of invited important guests from academic institutions, economic policy and economic and financial practice at the Faculty of Economics TUKE, the research seminar has transformed into Košice Economic Forum (KEF), which represents a purely academic activity that follows the idea to facilitate an open discussion on a wide range of recent economic and social problems and economic challenges in Slovakia and abroad.

    On the following link you will find a list of all previous and planned performances (at the bottom you click between academic years):

  • Research seminar for doctoral students at the Faculty of Economics TUKE

    The doctoral seminar is a platform for sharing the ongoing results of scientific research activities of doctoral students, a space for obtaining feedback on ongoing publications and a forum for active discussion on topics and open questions arising from solving (partial) tasks in doctoral studies, dissertation thesis preparation or project activities in which doctoral students are involved. Although the doctoral seminar was initiated by a teacher, its driving force fully reflects the initiative of our doctoral students, who see this activity as a contribution to the development of their own scientific research and publishing activities.