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Our Partners 

T-Systems Slovakia was founded in Slovakia in 2006 as a subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH, which is based in Germany and belongs to the global Deutsche Telekom AG group. Since the beginning, it has been operating exclusively in Košice. More than 160,000 companies worldwide rely on T-Systems Slovakia as a single partner in information and communication technology services. For corporate customers, one of the main ways to improve economic performance, flexibility, technological lead and reduce costs is the outsourcing of business processes through T-Systems Slovakia.

The main pillar of the company's growth is educated people. As one of the largest employers in the field of IT, T-Systems Slovakia supports education and skills sharing. It is considered to be crucial for the growth of the region and the development of communities. Cooperation with the TUKE Faculty of Economics has been advancing for a long time, and i tis important for the company. Together we implement several activities focused on and for students of this faculty. One of the results of the cooperation was e.g. revitalization of the classroom at EkF TUKE.

LYNX – limited liability company in Košice is one of the longest-running Slovak IT companies. It has been successfully operating in the information technology market since 1991. The mission of LYNX is to provide customers with solutions with high added value. Company specializes in the field of information systems security, building ICT infrastructure, technological applications and comprehensive security. Within the framework of partnership and cooperation with the Faculty of Economics TUKE, we have been developing several activities together for a long time. For example, the faculty is included in LYNX support programs such as LYNX supports talents or in a special LYNX EKF Student program. A LYNX classroom has been established at the faculty as another symbol of our cooperation. 

The CFA Institute is the world's most recognized organization for educating financial analysts. It connects investment professionals, provides the CFA program, creates an environment where investors' interests come first, markets operate efficiently and economies grow. The CFA Institute has more than 135,000 members in 150 countries, including more than 132,000 CFA certificate holders and 160 local associations.

Another faculty in Slovakia, whose study programs were included in the CFA Institute University Recognition Program is the Faculty of Economics TUKE. This means that the Finance, Banking and Investment (FBI) bachelor's degree program covers at least 70% of the CFA curriculum, including the code of ethics and professional standards. Participation in the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program signals to potential students, employers and other participants in the labour market that the study program Finance, Banking and Investment is very closely linked to professional practice and can prepare students well to achieve the CFA certificate. By participating in this program, the Faculty of Economics TUKE has the opportunity to reward the best students annually with scholarships for the CFA Program.

On October 17, 2019, the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certificates were handed over to the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University in Košice at the Congress Center of the Technical University. ACCA is a leader and official professional certification authority guaranteeing qualifications in accounting, international auditing, public sector accounting standards and many other related areas. The association registers more than 219,000 members and 527,000 students in more than 180 countries. ACCA certification includes passing 14 exams, passing an ethics module, and 3 years of internship. Accreditation of the Bachelor and Master degree at EkF TUKE will enable faculty students after graduation to obtain an exception and credit the first three modules of the Foundation Level ACCA certification (Accountant in Business, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting).

The Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers (SKDP) brings together tax advisors and maintains the level of tax advisory services in Slovakia. Its aim is to support all members of the chamber in their profession and provide them with regular expert training throughout their careers. SKDP actively participates in the preparation of tax legislation in the Slovak Republic with the intention that tax laws are simple, fair and improve the business environment. In its activities, it pays attention to openness and sufficient information of the general public about tax issues and opinions of the SKDP. Within the cooperation with the Faculty of Economics TUKE, selected members of SKDP provide consultations and elaboration of opponent's opinions of final theses, participate in state final examinations, based on the requirements of the Faculty of Economics they provide selected lectures in the field of taxes. Every year, the Faculty of Economics actively participates in the Best Diploma Thesis in the field of taxes at the regional level and the TAX ADVISERS AWARD, which is organized by SKDP throughout the Slovak Republic.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o. has been operating in Slovakia since 2009 with the aim of providing accounting and purchasing services for Deutsche Telekom Group companies throughout the world. It is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (DT), a leading global telecommunications company. DT employs almost 228,000 people in more than 50 countries around the world and, with its T-Home, T-Mobile and T-Systems brands, offers customers fixed lines, broadband, mobile networks and comprehensive ICT solutions for companies. Deutsche Telekom's vision is to become the world's leading European telecommunications service provider.

The Civil Service Council was established by Act no. 55/2017 Coll. on Civil Service and on Amendments to Certain Acts as an Independent Coordinating and Monitoring Body for the Protection of Civil Service Principles. The competence of the Council is defined by law, its task is, among other things, to supervise compliance with the principles of civil service and the Code of Ethics of Civil Servants, commenting on the result of compliance with the law, preparing a report on the state and development of civil service, to apply the principles of civil service and the provisions contained in the said Code. It also handles written complaints from citizens or civil servants about violations of civil service principles by the service office, to which it may recommend the adoption of corrective action, and investigates the dismissal of a state employee of the highest service office. The Council may submit to the Government Office proposals for the amendment of legal regulations modifying the performance of the civil service. The vision of the Civil Service Council is a professional, respected institution, helping to build a professional, apolitical and credible civil service.

Chairman of the Civil Service Council JUDr. Pavol Tkáč and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University in Košice doc. Ing. Michal Šoltés, PhD., signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Tuesday, November 12.

Alvaria Civic Association was founded in 2014. Alvaria brings together a team of analysts, researchers and experts with experience in visualizing data from state registers, city and municipality data, involving the volunteer community in the development of IT solutions and open data policy at national and local level. Alvaria is dedicated to connecting various innovation and technology-oriented communities into a functional platform for exchanging experiences, helping municipalities to open data, analytical, consulting, educational activities in the field of data, organizing workshops, conferences, events and processing available open data into model visualizations.