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Anglophone and Francophone

Francophone Double Degree Programme

The Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Košice offers its students a unique opportunity to acquire two diplomas through collaborative ventures with international partners. As part of this initiative, students undertake a portion of their academic journey at a partner institution abroad. Upon their return, their academic achievements are recognized as per the terms outlined in the bilateral agreement. As a result, students obtain both a Slovak and a French diploma, significantly enhancing their prospects for quality employment in the job market.

The primary objectives of the Francophone programmes are as follows:

  • Mastery of language fluency within the context of the chosen field of study, alongside a proficient command of technical terminology in both Slovak and the French language;
  • Graduates can benefit from increased employability in both domestic and international companies;
  • During the selection process for Erasmus+ mobility programmes students earn bonus points;

This initiative underscores TUKE EKF's commitment to fostering a globally competitive cohort of graduates poised for success in the contemporary job market and beyond.

University Côte D’Azur, Nice, France

The collaboration has been in place since 2004 and is part of the faculty’s Francophone programme. Over 100 graduates from the Faculty of Economics sucessfully completed this programme. Several alumni have taken advantage of the opportunity to pursue further studies at the Master’s level a the University Côte D’Azur, Nice, France. The programme is supported by the French Embassy in Bratislava and the Slovak-French University Institute. Even those who do not speak French, can participate in the programme thanks to an intensive language course with a French lecturer at the Faculty of Economics.

Studying in Nice can be funded through the Erasmus programme or the French government scholarships.

An overview of the Francophone Program at different academic levels includes:

Bachelor’s Degree programme
  Winter semester/Summer semester
1st year Intensive French language training designed for beginners (8 hours per week) or intermediate learners (4 hours per week).
2nd year Continuation of French language maintenance course.
  Elective course in French language: "Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis"
3rd year Studying at the University Côte d’Azur, Nice
Recognition of study results at both partner universities
June or August – Bachelor’s state exams and defense of bachelor’s thesis
Two Bachelor’s Degrees: one from the Faculty of Economics and one from the University Côte d’Azur, Nice

After graduation, students have the opportunity to continue their studies at the master’s level.

Poslaním fakulty je rozvíjať poznanie a poskytovať vysoko kvalitné vzdelávanie v oblasti ekonomických vied, prispievať k rozvoju spoločnosti a formovaniu regionálnej ekonomiky prostredníctvom poskytovania výskumných a konzultačných činností, ďalšieho vzdelávania a služieb pre miestnu a regionálnu komunitu.