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Scientific activities for young researches and students

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Scientific activities for young researches and students

International student organizations

Students of the Faculty of Economics TU in Košice are actively involved in student organizations in Slovakia.

ISN Slovakia:

AIESEC Slovakia:

Faculty students in the structure of AIESEC:

  • Lukáš Cigánik - Manager of finance
  • Veronika Prusáková - Team leader of Incomming Exchanges (Corporate sector)
  • Žofia Sinčáková - recruiter coordinator - Outgoing Exchanges
  • Monika Vojteková - member of Incomming Exchanges (NGO sector)

BEST Slovakia:

  • BEST Košice - local branch of the international student organization BEST at TU in Košice
  • BEST Bratislava - local branch of an international student organization at the University of STU Bratislava
  • BEST international - an international student organization uniting students of technical universities in Europe

IAESTE Slovakia:

  • IAESTE Slovakia - student organization providing exchange work practices for students of technical universities abroad

ESN Slovakia:

  • ESN Slovakia - student organization Erasmus Student Network Slovakia focused on international cooperation between students