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Invitation to the ACCA’s Global Virtual University Conference

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Invitation to the ACCA’s Global Virtual University Conference

For students

This unique online conference will bring together experts and practitioners from the across the globe to stimulate ideas, discussion and sustainable actions around the future of learning, strategies for a blended learning world, skills development and the talent of tomorrow.

What to expect

  • Live expert panels discussing rethinking strategies for a blended world, talent for tomorrow, preparing for a net zero transition and the future of skills development to deliver employability.
  • Live sessions including round tables on Ed Tech and international mobility.
  • OnDemand lightening sessions on accreditation, student engagement in an online environment, internships and jobs in an online world, ACCA Career Navigator and embedding ACCA into programmes.
  • Networking groups to stimulate discussion around the net zero transition, employability and internships and course co-creation with ACCA.
  • The entire conference will be recorded online, so you can access these resources wherever you are, and whenever you need to.

Dátum online konferencie: 31.máj, 8:00 - 17:00 BST