EkF TU Ko?ice Inauguration of the dean 01.04.2015
Rector of the Technical University of Košice, Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Anton Čižmár, CSc. inaugurated a new dean of the Faculty of Economics, assoc. prof. Michal Šoltés, PhD. on 31 March 2015. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Dean´s speech 01.04.2015
EkF TU Ko?ice Inaugurácia - fotogaléria 01.04.2015
EkF TU Ko?ice Academic senate elections 30.09.2014
Information on the Academic senate elections of the Faculty and university. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Student research works competition (ŠVOČ) 30.09.2013
The results of the student research works competition (ŠVOČ), congratulations! [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Alumni meeting - program 18.09.2012
The Faculty of Economics invites its alumni to celebration of 20 years. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Michael A. Dusaniwskyj at the faculty 22.02.2012
Michael A. Dusaniwskyj, the lead economist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission will teach Macro-economics at the Faculty as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in March 2012. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Graduate salaries 02.10.2011
What are the salaries of graduates by the university and study branch? The Ministry of Education launched the website: [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Conference of Young scientists 2011 01.10.2011
On 6 -7. October 2011 the fourth International Scientific Conference of Young scientists 2011 was organised by the Department of Finance in Herľany. For more information: [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Ice hockey championship in Košice 28.09.2011
Presentation of research results of the World Championship in ice hockey 2011 with the participation of the rector prof. Anton Čižmár and the lorda mayor of the Košice city Dr Richard Raši [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice POL LOC - Summer School 16.06.2011
POLICY MAKING AND POLITICS AT THE LOCAL LEVEL V4 countries and other CEE countries in comparative perspective:
1st Summer School of the Faculty of Economics TU of Košice [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice prof. Boettke - video record 28.04.2011
Prof. Boettke: WHY ARE SOME NATIONS RICH AND OTHERS POOR? 30.March 2011 - video record of the lecture: [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Prof. Boettke in journals 26.04.2011
Prof. Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University lecture entitled WHY ARE SOME NATIONS RICH AND OTHERS POOR? 30.March 2011. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Business Leaders- T. Major 25.04.2011
Business Leaders invite for the lecture:
Ing. Tamás Major: Leadership and motivation of employees in McDonald's. Date and place: 5.5.2011, 12:30-14:00, ZP2. [hancell]
EkF TU Ko?ice Mr. Farell, presentation 03.11.2010
Regional Discussion Forum - the presentation of Mr. FINTAN FARRELL, the director of the European network against poverty, 9. November, 16.30, Němcovej 32. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice VÚB Foundation grant 27.08.2010
The VUB Foundation provided a grant to visiting professot prof. Julius Horvath from the Central European University in Budapest at the Faculty in the winter semester of the academic year 2010/2011. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice The international SVOC competition 16.05.2010
The results of the international competition of students’ research works (ŠVOČ). The winner at the Faculty is nominated for national and international ŠVOČ competition: [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Business leaders - lecture 03.05.2010
Faculty as co-organizer of business leaders project invites you to first lecture on 12.3.2010, 10:50-12:20, in ZP2. Ing. Marek Blizco:How you find a great job and how an employer is looking for great staff. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice First place - F.A. Hayek Foundation competition 06.03.2010
Silvia Kollárová won the first place in the F.A. Hayek Foundation competition : Programme budget - an innovative tool of selfgovernment managementl. The winning essay is attached: [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Ceremony - French study 10.02.2010
In the presence of representatives of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, students of the francophone programme were awarded DEUG and Master degrees. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Competition of students’ research works 01.12.2009
The results of the competition of students’ research works (ŠVOČ). The winner at the Faculty is nominated for national and international ŠVOČ competition: [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Diploma works awarded 20.05.2009
The diploma works of the students of the faculty have been awarded by the Slovak Chamber of the Tax Advisors:
Patrik Jurčišin - 2. place
Erik Liszkai - 3. place [source]
EkF TU Ko?ice František Lipták won the essay competition. 26.03.2009
The student of the Faculty František Lipták won the 1st place in the Slovak essay competition "Science and research at Slovak Universities" and has been invited to Brussels to meeting commissioner J. Figel and the member of the European Parliament J. Hudacký on 16.-19. March 2009. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice The lecture of J. Flamson from Liverpool 03.02.2009
LIVERPOOL’S REGENERATION - Context, Challenges, Lessons - the public lecture on 11. February, 16.00, Tabačka hall, Strojárenská str. 1. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice French ataché Rachid Makhloufi and ceremony 01.12.2008
The French ataché Rachid Makhloufi has presented the scholarship programmes of the French Embassy at the Faculty and took part at the ceremony of bachelor degree awarding by the representatives of the Univesity of Nice Sophia Antipolis. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice The immatriculation ceremony and the ball 24.11.2008
The immatriculation ceremony and the ball of the Faculty has been held on 24.11. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice The World Crisis - are we on the edge of abyss? 22.10.2008
Mr. Daniel Gladiš, portfolio manager of the Vltava Fund delivered on 7th october the lecture: The World Financial Crisis - are we on the edge of the collapse? [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice The Graduation day 6.6.2008 22.06.2008
Pictures from the Graduation Day of the Faculty in the State Theatre of Košice. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice The team of the Faculty has won the flooorball lea 06.05.2008
The team of the Faculty has won the University floorball league on 22.04. More on the website http://vsliga.webzdarma.cz:80/. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice A student of the faculty at the UNESCO conference. 02.04.2008
A student of the faculty František Lipták at the UNESCO conference based on the success of his essay on Economy of Natural Resources. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice A student of the Faculty in the final of MISS Slov 10.03.2008
A student of the Faculty, Tünde Kulcsárová is in the final of MISS Slovakia [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice 11th IAAF World Championship 07.09.2007
Pictures of our students Dana and Jana Veldakova from the World Championships in Athletics, Osaka and South Africa. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Meeting with the ambassador of USA in the Slovak R 17.02.2007
In a two-day visit to Eastern Slovakia February 12-13, Ambassador Rodolphe Vallee met the persons involved in the IT Valley initiative linking private sector and higher education and the students of the Technical University. Our student F. Lipták took part as well. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Celebration of new students welcoming (imatriculat 04.11.2006
On 21st November 2003 there will be the celebration of new students welcoming (imatriculation) and Ball of the faculty of Economics. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Richard Sulik, advisor of the minister of finance 28.09.2006
Richard Sulik, advisor of the minister of finance , discussed with the management of the Faculty and students the tax reform and flat tax rate in the Slovak Republic [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice State Exams 22.-25. May 2006 27.05.2006
Feel the atmosphere of the State exams at the Faculty in the end of the academic year 2005/2006. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Interships in Germany - Report 10.05.2006
In 2005, as in recent years, six students of the Faculty of Economics took part in internships in Wuppertal, Germany, the partner city of Košice. The internship took place in large German companies, that belong to the world-leading firms e.g. Bayer, Vorwerk, Barmenia, Stadtsparkasse, and IHK. They had a great opportunity to improve their economic skills. This internship was lead by Dr. h. c. Ernst-Andreas Ziegler, visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Economics. He also prepared a rich social and cultural program for participants. [download]
EkF TU Ko?ice Oznámenie o obhajobe dizertačných prác 27.02.2006
Dňa 28. marca 2006 sa uskutoční obhajoba dvoch dizertačných prác vo vednom odbore 62-35-9 Financie:
EkF TU Ko?ice Mária Machová, generálna riaditeľka DR SR 19.10.2005
Mária Machová, generálna riaditeľka Daňového riaditeľstva SR mala pre akademickú obec EkF prednášku o daňovej reforme. Pozrite si fotografie. [link]
EkF TU Ko?ice Matriculation Ball of the Faculty of Ecnomics 15.11.2004
On Tuesday, 30.11.2004, there will be Matriculation ball of the Faculty of Economics. The ball will take a place at Dom Umenia with beginning at 19h30. Tickets for the ball you can buy from 15.11.2004 at the second floor of the faculty, room number 214. [download]